String of Lights™

Greetings, friends, 

Dipping my toes into a (hopefully) post-pandemic world, I started to bring back String of Lights with some solo work last year that will continue in 2023. Last fall, I had the pleasure of joining the Portland Folk Music Society Fall Song 2022 with Anchorage artists Dawn Berg and Lindsey Sam in a virtual song circle. In November, I head back east to attend the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance NERFA 2022 Conference. I had the pleasure of joining some private showcases, reconnecting with my East Coast roots, and making new friends among the east coast music community.

String of Lights started the New Year with a (solo) mainstage set at the Anchorage Folk Festival on January 22. I also lead a workshop on the Power of Voice at the Festival on January 28. In the workshop I shared some of the philosophy, breathing and vocalization techniques I’ve learned from Kundalini Yoga, that have helped me as a musician. Both festival weekends were super fun – getting out and sharing what I love with new and old friends! I am deeply grateful for those experiences and look forward to doing more – stay tuned for details.

Looking back at what we’ve done as the band version of String of Lights and how I’ve grown over the years through these musical adventures, I thought I would share a little history and video retrospective. For the ones of you who like to read the end of the book first: during the early days of the pandemic, Matt Faubion made the video below from our Live at Telequana Tavern album recording/house concert, audio recorded and mixed by Matt Brenna of Alpine Music Studios.

Many thanks to all who help(ed) make the musical magic happen! You guys are the best,

– Heather (mamma of this project)

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