String of Lights

Once upon a time (back on March 1), String of Lights recorded a live house concert for our next upcoming release. The show was a wonderful success. The musicians were (as per usual) killin’ it – mostly softly, though Charlie did us a rock ‘n roll solid on that beautiful bass guitar of his. Jamie melted hearts with her cello, and Heather wailed like a banshee after a deep tissue massage. Our delightful house concert hosts made everyone feel at home with their warm hearts, front-of-house emceeing and back-of-house popcorn-machine tending. The audio and video techs did a bang-up job, and the audience was The. Best. Ever!

Then Covid happened.

Charlie grew tomatoes. Jamie went online with the Tanana Rafters. Heather squirreled herself away in her home studio and wrote more songs (which she has every intention of sharing once she gets on the level with Technology).

What’s up next? String of Lights Album #2 “Live at Telequana Tavern” CD is out! CDs, digital downloads and streaming are now available on a few different platforms, take your pick.

Other shows are in the works, while Heather is preparing new collaborations and releases with the band. We’d love to keep in touch, so if you enjoy the music please get on the mailing list or like String of Lights on facebook!