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Dated Material May 17, 2016

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Arctic Siren Productions announces String of Lights CD release performance

The newest collective of local indie musicians is releasing their debut CD release, Migration,  on June 9th, 2016 at 7 pm at the Tap Root Pub.  String of Lights includes the talents of Heather Stewart, Kat Moore, Arkadi Futerman, Charles Earnshaw, Natasha Price, Matt Brenna and Scott Weller.  The combination of diverse talents and musical viewpoints blends the poetic storytelling of Heather Stewart with an orchestral indie folk sound.

Producer Peggy Monaghan of Arctic Siren Productions says “The songs on Migration take the listener on a beautiful, epic adventure, telling the story of a soul on the cusp of change and details the nostalgia and euphoria all that entails.”

Rusted Tracks tells the story of the perseverance it takes to move through the process of remaking oneself.  “Let these songs carry you down those Rusted Tracks, Through all of your grim old ghost towns, though you swore you’d never be back”.

In Time is a song about forgiveness, with each verse detailing an increasingly difficult act of absolution beginning with a pair of estranged lovers, continuing through a disaffected father and son, culminating in two old women staring across a wartime boundary.  “This is not a noose hanging round our necks, this is not a crime that we can’t forget, this is not a wound that can’t be healed In Time.  This is just the swing of a pendulum, we went too far and we came undone, but we’ll find the solid middle ground In Time”.

Homer Beach imparts the feeling of awe when one sees the direction to take and knows the trip will be worth the effort.  “A whipping wind urges me, rips fear from my frame. A carrion feast for those that feed on the  bygone bits of me.  The path is long and beautiful, in all directions goes”.

Heather Stewart began her musical journey on Long Island.  At six, she started piano and continues to compose some of her most profound imagery on the keyboard.  She also played french horn, and progressed to the banjo as an adult.  Stewart composes mostly on banjo these days and her songs showcase a playful sense of rhythmic structure.  She describes the songwriting process as “often a series of happy accidents that turn into songs.”

Arctic Siren is proud to have been a part of the production process.  The CD release at Tap Root is a natural fit and should be quite the place to be on June 9th.  For further information check out, find us on Facebook or contact Heather directly at  Tickets are $15.00 and available through Tap Root at